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Who are AbsoluteHiking?

AbsoluteHiking are a Team of Hiking Enthusiasts that are absolutely obsessed with all things Hiking & Hiking Gear related.

Hiking Gear For Beginners

Hiking is a hobby that requires a lot of trial and error, and finding the best hiking boots, or the best waterproof socks can take a while to come to fruition while you’re trying and testing different types of Hiking Gear. This can be expensive, so we have tried our best to review as much Hiking Gear as possible for you so that you can simply read our reviews and then go purchase your kit!

Hiking Guides & Tips

AbsoluteHiking also offer helpful Hiking Guides & Tips such as How to Use Trekking Poles. Hiking Guides are essential to read, and we recommend all Hiking Beginners read these articles and become acquainted with the skills, techniques and gear that you will need in order to turn Hiking into a successful Hobby that you and the family can enjoy!

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If you would like to contact us then please send us an email at contact@absolutehiking.com

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