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The Best Socks for Sweaty Feet (UPDATED)


Best Socks for Sweaty Feet in 2020!

Sweaty feet can prove to be a great source of stress, not to mention that it is embarrassing and uncomfortable.

Whether it’s the summer or winter, you need a great pair of socks that will wick away sweat and save you all the discomfort associated with sweaty feet.

There are so many types of socks available out there, but not all of them will solve this problem for you.

Fortunately, some brands have specifically dedicated themselves to manufacturing the right socks for individuals struggling with sweaty feet.

In this post, we focus on the best socks for overly sweaty feet you can find in the market today

Best Socks for Sweaty Feet- Buying Guide


When your feet sweat, the sweat mixes with bacteria and the result is a foul odour that may cause some insecurities. It doesn’t help when you’re wearing the wrong type of socks because this only serves to aggravate the situation.

As such, you need to be aware of the material the sock you are buying is made of as this determines how well it will manage the wetness. The following are materials you should avoid when searching for the best socks for sweaty feet:


Although it’s one of the most favored fabrics for pieces of attire, cotton does not perform that well when it comes to socks.

It even gets worse for people who are suffering from bromhidrosis. Cotton might be light, refreshing, and breathable but it can’t absorb moisture without becoming damp.

The problem with cotton socks is that when they get wet, they remain in that situation for a long time.

What this does is make the optimal environment for Brevibacteria to thrive. These bacteria are what is responsible for the cheesy odour that emanates from wet feet.

Synthetic (Plastic, Nylon, or Polyester)

Generally, synthetic-based socks tend to make your feet sweat a lot. This is even worse during the summer months when the conditions are hot and humid. The synthetic fabric is not breathable and does not let the sweat dry off your feet.

Apart from that, it can’t absorb moisture and this means that your feet remain wet and sticky for an extended period.

The damp socks may even lead to sores and blisters as a result of the rubbing, which provides for the ideal breeding ground for bacteria and fungi causing the foul odour.

However, there are special synthetic fabrics that have been designed in a way that keeps your feet dry and free of odour.

So, if you have to buy a synthetic made pair of socks, make sure they are specialised synthetic fabrics that won’t allow your feet to get wet and smelly.

Best Material for Preventing Sweaty Feet When Wearing Socks


Extremely sweaty feet can lead to annoying issues such as discomfort, shoe damage, as well as difficulty in wearing open-toe shoes. That’s why it’s important to search for the right moisture-absorbing socks.

Typically, socks that have been designed for moist feet come with special fibres and materials.

These do not only absorb the sweat but also wick it to the outside environment, preventing the growth of bacteria or fungi.

Remember that your feet consist of more than 250,000 sweat glands, making for the most on any part of your body.

This shows that there’s no way of preventing your feet from sweating completely.

However, the situation can better be managed by wearing a pair of moisture-absorbing and wicking socks.

These will keep your feet from continuously sweating and eliminate the adverse effects that come from it.

Consider the following fabrics when you’re buying socks for pongy feet:


Most people prefer wearing wool socks because of their impressive insulating properties, in addition to the soft texture.

This helps to keep your feet conveniently warm during the winter months and cool in the summer.

The reason wool should be considered as an option for sweaty feet is because it has a better absorbing capacity than cotton.

Wool can wick as much as thirty percent of its weight in liquid.

Even though it will soak in more sweat, the surface of the sock remains dry since the moisture is trapped in the fibre itself.

This implies that it will be a while before your socks get a bit moist.

Wool fabric also tends to be more durable than cotton since it is generally a stronger fibre. A pretty effective option of the woollen variety is the merino wool, which is sourced from the merino sheep.

The material can soak up to 35% of its weight before it becomes moist. It also offers antimicrobial properties, which means you’ll have nothing to worry about when it comes in the growth and bacteria and fungi, and the resulting stinky feet.

Furthermore, it comes with a smooth and delicate feel, making it the ideal option for those who find cotton socks abrasive and itchy.


Coolmax is specifically built to wick the sweat off your feet. It is manufactured using specially engineered polyester fibres and comprises up to six channels that wick the sweat from your feet.

The sweat is then transferred to the outer surface of the material. Coolmax fibres are usually in major apparel brands such as Puma, Nike, and Reebok.

It is normally combined with other materials such as wool, nylon, cotton, and at times spandex. Given that it is a polyester fabric, Coolmax dries pretty fast and it’s also long-lasting.

Another benefit is that it comes with antimicrobial qualities.


Olefin is another synthetic-based material that is made of polyethylene. It is a highly progressive synthetic that is strong, lightweight and durable.

The fabric dries quickly and happens to be stain resistant. It will repel moisture, as well as wick it away.

Another benefit is that it can dry sweat 25 times quicker compared to any other synthetic fabric you can find today.

Finally, Olefin features antimicrobial tendencies and that is an excellent option for preventing sweaty and smelly feet.


This might sound strange but bamboo is a great choice for a fabric to avoid sweaty feet. It is environmentally-friendly and can work wonders as far as sensitive and allergy-prone skin is concerned.

Bamboo boasts thermoregulating properties that help to keep your feet conveniently cool or warm whenever necessary.

It also offers antimicrobial properties to safeguard against the growth of fungi while keeping the feet clean and odourless. Not to mention that they are quite soft to the touch.

Best Walking Socks for Sweaty Feet

ArcticDry Xtreme ICE Blue Waterproof Socks

Our Number 1 Choice: ArcticDry Kneelength Waterproof Socks



This is a great product from ArcticDry that promises to permanently solve your sweaty feet problem.

The socks have a nice ankle-length design that will be an ideal alternative to the ArcticDry knee-length socks below.

The socks are 100% waterproof to ensure that no water can get to your skin even when your foot is completely submerged in water.

This ensures that your feet stay dry at all times.

Comfort is addressed by the triple-layer construction of the sock, making for a cushiony feeling when you walk in them. Despite this, the socks still manage to be very breathable.

A porous construction allows air to flow to your feet as the vapour from your sweaty feet escapes into the atmosphere.

This way, you’ll never have to struggle with the discomfort that sweaty and smelly feet can cause.

The design of the socks also fit snugly around your foot to make for a tight fit.

They won’t keep on sliding down your shin during those treacherous hikes. The toe and heel sections have been padded to enhance shock absorption when you walk and enhance comfort.

This also increases traction to keep you from sliding inside your shoes when you hike in uneven terrains.

ArcticDry Ultimate Outdoors Knee Length 100% Waterproof & Breathable Socks

Our Number 2 Choice: ArcticDry Kneelength Waterproof Socks



The ArcticDy knee-length are one of the best socks for feet that sweat out there! You can find these fantastic pair of socks from ArcticDry in a medium, large, or extra-large size.

The socks boast a strong triple layer design that mixes spandex, Coolmax, and nylon materials for effective performance.

A waterproof membrane on the inner layer of the socks keeps water from getting to your feet while the Coolmax material has breathable properties that allow air to flow freely in and out of the socks.

This ensures that your feet stay cool and dry at all times and saves you the embarrassment of having smelly feet. The spandex has been used to ensure that the sock fits perfectly on your feet.

The knee-length design of the sock also protects you from the cold and wind when you are hiking in icy conditions.

The sock also features a very rugged design that will last you for a lifetime. It is abrasion-resistant and remains intact despite being scratched by stones, twigs, and any other debris in the hiking trail.

The ArcticDry Knee-length socks will also retain their shape even after multiple trips to the washer.

The best part is that they are quite multifunctional and can be worn during any outdoor adventure, including running, hiking, mountaineering, etc.

Rockay Accelerate Anti-Blister Running Socks

Rockay Accelerate is a fresh product on the market that is highly recommended by trusted sources, including RunnerClick and Runner’s World.

You can look forward to a good deal, not to mention that you’re getting a lifetime guarantee against sweaty and stinky feet.

These socks are made from organic merino wool, a material known not only for its durability but also breathability. Its natural tendency to repel odour makes it an easy choice for people who struggle with sweaty feet.

The socks come with seamless construction that prevents blisters from forming and protect the sensitive areas of your skin from irritation.

Padding on the heel and toe areas ensure that you’ll remain comfortable in these socks however long you stay in them.

There’s a tight elastic at the top of the socks to keep dirt out while a powerful compression in the arch makes them suitable for walking, running, and even hiking. The Accelerates have a smooth feel, meaning your feet will be kept dry and comfortable at all times.

Rockay 20four7 Athletic Socks

A large percentage of outdoor enthusiasts swear by these socks and would recommend them to any outdoorsman with a sweaty feet problem.

The manufacturers had the runner in mind when designing the socks to feature ample cushioning to go with mesh construction for breathability.

Their enhanced moisture management performance ensures that you enjoy day-long comfort whether you use them for running or hiking.

The 20four7 are designed with Polygiene’s Stay Fresh technology, which helps to prevent bacterial and fungal growth in your socks so that you won’t have to worry about your feet sweating & smelling anymore.

The manufacturer also provides a 100% guarantee when you purchase this product, which goes to show you the kind of performance you can expect from them.

The price of the socks is something you’ll be able to afford comfortably, which completes a great package for anyone looking to solve their sweaty feet issue once and for all.

Wigwam Comfort Hiker Socks

Wigwam is a manufacturer that needs no introduction in the apparel industry and its reputation cannot be doubted.

The company is known for producing functional and comfortable socks like merino comfort hikers.

These were intentionally designed for the hiker with sweaty feet and features 67% percent merino wool in its material construction.

The merino wool offers great insulating properties to protect against the accumulation of sweat inside your socks.

The socks are handsomely padded to significantly reduce the damage from long and strenuous walks during your various outdoor adventures.

They also have a mid-length design to keep any small stones and twigs from getting inside them.

You’ll have a great time using these socks, and even though wool socks tend to be a little pricier than synthetic-based socks, the Wigwam Comfort Hikers maintain a decent price that you should be able to afford without denting your bank account.

Powersox Crew Socks with Coolmax

The Powersox combines the best features of materials such as cotton, polyester, Coolmax, and spandex to provide you with high-quality footwear. They have exceptional moisture-wicking possibilities thanks to breathable Coolmax fabric. This has been reinforced by a ventilated top that allows air to flow in and out freely.

These socks are among the most comfortable you can buy at its price range. An AY-fit heel prevents the socks from budling inside the shoe, which can lead to a lot of discomfort.

The Coolmax material that has been used is also great at managing moisture. Meanwhile, an arch brace has been included for extra support, ensuring that you remain at ease the whole time you’re wearing these socks.

The Powersox are conveniently available in multiple sizes, so you can be sure to find a size that suits you best.

They are also quite practical and can be used for any sort of activity, including sports, casual wear, and even when you want to dress formally. Finally, their budget-friendly price completes the icing on the cake.

Wigwam at Work Durasole

This is another great offering from Wigwam that will bring an end to your sweaty feet menace. They come with a charming design and that why people consider them a favorite as working socks.

The socks feature a durable construction that enables them to cope with the abuse you expose them to. The sock material has also been treated with odor guard to keep your feet from stanching even when they get sweaty.

You’ll also like the elastic design of the socks, which makes for a comfortable fit. They hug tightly around your leg to prevent tiny stones and other debris from getting inside them.

Apart from the odour blocker that the Durasoles are treated with, the fibre used in the construction enhance the antimicrobial properties of the socks.

Furthermore, these socks have a cushiony feel to make for a comfortable day in the outdoors. Overall, you get a comfortable and durable pair of socks that will keep you coming back for more.

Thorlos Experia thin padded socks

The Experias were specifically built for running and promise to keep your feet cool and dry during this strenuous activity.

They are available in multiple lengths, sizes, and colors to make for versatile footwear that you’ll be glad to own. Comprising mainly Coolmax material in their construction, these incredible socks will keep even the sweatiest feet dry.

The Coolmax material is known for its property to resist mildew and other factors that may cause your feet to release a bad odour.

A vented design facilitates moisture control by allowing air to freely flow inside and outside of the socks.

You get padded heels and toes to remain comfortable the whole you’ll be walking these socks, plus there is an area of support on the Achilles tendon.

The Experias are slightly but their overall comfort, functionality, and impressive moisture-wicking capabilities make them worth the money.

Besides, you get a money-back guarantee in case the pair you buy doesn’t live up to your expectations; which I doubt will happen!

YUEDGE Breathable Cushion Casual Crew Socks

For women looking for a reliable footwear accessory, these are some of the best socks for sweaty feet you can buy.

Made from smooth and breathable fabric, these amazing socks will impress you with their built-in moisture-wicking technology, which ensures that both your feet and the socks remain dry and comfortable anytime you’re wearing them.

The socks come in a variety and of charming and animated colors that add a tinge of fun to the otherwise mundane pastime that is sock-shopping.

Ladies get to remain fashionable while wearing them and can incorporate these bright colors into their overall outfit.

The manufacturer was inspired by hiking when designing these socks. As such, they are ribbed along the foot arch and extra cushioning features on the heels of your feet.

This prevents you from the pounding effect of continuously trekking in the tough mountainous terrain.

Darn Tough Vermont Merino Wool Socks

Darn Tough is famous for producing durable and high-quality sweaty feet socks with innovative features and designs.

These socks come with a midweight cushioning build to ensure that you enjoy the comfort without sacrificing the breathability.

A mesh top also allows air to freely circulate inside your socks, keeping your feet fresh all the time. With cushioning on the heels and toes, as well as arch support, this spectacular pair of socks was truly built for comfort and security.

If you are looking for the perfect balance between thick and thin in sock cushioning design, the Darn Tough won’t disappoint you.

Strategic cushioning at main areas of impact on your foot make for a practical sock that helps to keep your feet comfortable when moving while offering the needed protection.

Additionally, these socks combine ribbed and meshed materials to deliver just the right form-fitting feel.

They have been designed to be breathable and durable using high-quality cushioning for your walking pleasure.

Finally, a blend of synthetic materials completes a practical pair of socks with moisture-managing capabilities that will be perfect for your sweaty feet.

Feetures Elite Light Cushion Socks

With the Elite Light Cushion, you get the slimmer version of the Feetures sock brand. Although the reduced cushioning means less shock absorption for your feet, the socks make up for this with a high level of breathability.

iWick fibres have also been integrated into the design of the sock to ensure that there is appropriate moisture management whereas targeted compression areas aid in providing heel and ankle support.

These will be a great choice for anybody who experiences pain as a result of plantar fasciitis and struggles with sweaty feet. A lot went into designing the shape of the sock to ensure that it properly aligns with your foot anatomy.

Enough support is provided for the heel and ankle areas using compression areas on the dorsal side of the foot, the arch, as well as the heel.

The ankle-length design will look good on you, plus the socks are available in a variety of charming colours that you can match with your feet. Overall, this is a comfortable and practical pair of socks that be suitable for your sweaty feet.



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